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The Ice Bridge - Niagara Falls

The Ice Bridge - Niagara Falls

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Lithograph postcard view of the Niagara Falls ice bridge from the American side. This spectacular winter wonder happens when ice and slush flow down the Niagara River and build up under pressure beyond the American Falls. The thickness of the ice depends on the weather; in the past, people could easily traverse the borders, and hotels, storeowners and tourist guides conducted much business. The fun ended in February 1912 when the ice broke and three people were killed. Since then it is illegal to go out on the ice bridge.

Reproduction print on archival paper: image size 8 x 10 in., matted to size 11 x 14 in.

All images are produced as quality archival prints. Water- and fade-resistant, we ensure that our prints will provide customer satisfaction for generations to come.

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